SS18 – Beat Blasters

SS18 Beat Blasters – Throwback to Days in the Hood. Ghettoblasters booming stories about Friendship, Love and Everyday situations. Flashbacks to urban Life in Every Ghetto, Every City and suburban Place I’ve been…                                                              A bag of Bontons, twenty Cents and a Nickel, Springfield Ave. had the best Popsicles. Saturday morning cartoons and Kung-Fu. Main street roots tonic with the dreds. A beef patty and some coco bread. Move the patch from my Lees to the tongue of my shoe. ‘Member Frelng-Huysen used to have the bomb leather. Back when Doug Fresh and Slick Rick were together. Looking at the Crew, we thought we’d all live forever! You know it’s hot, don’t forget what you’ve got – Looking back, Looking back, looking back… (Lyrics by Ms. Lauryn Hill)