TABERNACLE TWINS explores the limits between fashion, textile and illustration. Working with imaginary sceneries visual stories are being transformed into colourful womenswear focusing on prints, shapes and knitwear.

TABERNACLE TWINS collections spring from the labels fictive twin muses The Tabernacle Twins. The label follows The Twins in new chapters of their adventurous journey… Each chapter is realized as a new collection and is designed from a new panoramic scenenarie which defines the inspiration for the relevant collection.

TABERNACLE TWINS collections capture a surreal wonderland filled with fictive characters, quirky landscapes, fable creatures and random combinations. Exploring the unpredictable and wicked details of common life, TABERNACLE TWINS develop unconventional constellations in contemporary silhouettes.

TABERNACLE TWINS narrative panorama is visualized in strong colours, digital prints, high quality fabrics with carefully chosen details, bold shapes and graphic knitwear. TABERNACLE TWINS is designed by designer Vibe Lundemark who graduated from Royal College of Art, London in 2009 with a MA degree in fashion – Womenswear.


Tabernacle Twins
Jagtvej 21
DK-2200 Copenhagen N


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