SS17 – Souvenir Spectacle

SS17 Souvenir Spectacle – Statue of Egypt Pharaohs in porcelain, the Eiffel Tower scaled down to golden keyhangers and Tower Bridge as a pencil sharpener… In a place where travel memorabilia might seem worthless and without purpose, the Twins are seduced by hanging pagodas with green roofs and Venice Gondolas lamps shining on a shelf packed with mini Statues of Liberty. Lime coloured Bounty Beach magnets, lucky coins, rows of plastic Pyramids and a postcard of wild flamingos – this Souvenir Spectacle brings thoughts to exotic far-away places and fun episodes with friends and family. What is it about these souvenirs? They seem to draw you closer and whisper; take me back home… But can memories of amazing places and magic moments really be merged into, and contained in miniature landmark treasures?